What is iprice?

What if you could provide your customers with personalized pricing instead of meaningless, one size fits all, promotions?

What if you could increase your profit margins, conversion rates, and forecast your sales with 100% accuracy, all while experiencing optimized inventory turnover and production planning?

Welcome to iprice! iprice is the first demand driven flexible pricing solution that intelligently generates, based on your preferences, a variety of price/shipping date combinations from which your customers can choose. Generally speaking, a lower price corresponds with a later shipping date.


iprice is the FIRST and ONLY plug-n-play software solution that provides you with the possibility to sell before taking on inventory, while creating an interactive experience between you and the consumer. iprice allows retailers to 100% accurately forecast sales.

  • Reduce overall stock holding without impacting product availability
  • Improve conversion rates by offering personalized pricing to your customers
  • Optimize returns management by selling returns before they hit the warehouse
  • Improve ROI by engaging your customers
  • Convert twice as many customers compared to traditional promotions
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iprice is the FIRST and ONLY supply chain software solution that provides you with the possibility to balance out your order flow, helping you improve production planning and optimize your marginal cost of production.

  • Balance out order flow as a result of 100% forecastability
  • Streamline procurement processes due to improved production planning
  • Achieve perfect Economic Production Quantities
  • Uphold brand reputation
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iprice is your new shopping sensation, it's The New Way to Save! Get more control over your purchase process; by selecting a future shipping date the consumer is rewarded with an attractive discount.

  • Receive attractive discounts as a reward for your patience
  • Control more than just size & color
  • A fun & interactive way to shop
  • Personalize promotions by locking in a price and shipping date
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See it Work

iprice has two Multi-Lingual User Interfaces, a slider and a calendar, to illustrate the relationship between Price and Shipping Date. Both are completely customizable to each client's wishes. Please note that the Price/Shipping Date data used below is for demo purposes only and does not reflect our proprietary model in any way.

Option 1: Price - Date Slider

This option lets customers set their price/date in a fully interactive and fun way by sliding from right to left.

  • Color customizable
  • Seamless integration
  • Easy & Playful
  • Slider Operated
Option 2: Price - Date Calendar

This option lets customers set their price/date in a fully interactive and recognizable way by picking a Calendar Date point.

  • Color customizable
  • Seamless integration
  • Easy & Relatable
  • Clickable interface

Customizable Solution

The iprice ML algorithm takes factors such as supply, demand, and cost of holding inventory into account to optimally determine the natural Price/Time relationship. At iprice, we understand every business is unique, and therefore offer a highly customizable solution that can be integrated with production planning software, inventory management software, or any other software used to keep your business running. These are the two base configurations we offer. If you are in need of a different setup, please Contact Us.

Configuration 1
  • Easy integration with your Cart/Payment flow.
  • Fully customizable; choose between Pay Now and Pay Later functionality.
  • Full API access and reference.
  • On-demand technical support.
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Configuration 2
  • Take advantage of our proprietary Cart/Payment system.
  • Fully customizable; choose between Pay Now and Pay Later functionality.
  • Utilize our platform to Forecast Sales.
  • Extended API access and reference.
  • AutoPay your suppliers.
  • Full on-demand technical support.
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When to Use

Sale & Clearance
  • Wish to optimize the pricing of your products while making the product purchase more individualized for the consumer?

    iprice will lead to higher conversion rates at higher prices than could be achieved with static discounts.
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Production Planning
  • Want to receive orders in a more structured manner?

    Utilize iprice to balance out your order flow as to prevent under- and over- production / capacity resulting in an optimized marginal cost of production.
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Inventory Management
  • Want to solve the overstock problem once and for all?

    iprice allows you to 100% accurately forecast your stock. Receive money of sold items days or weeks before the shipping date.
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Superior Returns Management
  • Want to minimize the cost of returns?

    Utilize iprice to streamline the return process by selling customer returns before they even hit the warehouse.
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We match and exceed industry standards

Seamless plug-n-play integration into your existing website
Highly customizable data dashboards and UIs to fit every business' needs
Fast, efficient, and reliable technology
Fraud prevention system to ensure maximum user experience
High compliance level
Zero downtime maintenance with reliable and dependable cloud-based architecture