Our Story

Jeroen Stedehouder and Wouter Wolken launched iprice in an effort to completely transform pricing in B2C and B2B. They created iprice as a way to fill in gaps that exist within different key areas in different industries, and to generate more positive experiences for both buyers and sellers.

Our Team

Jeroen Stedehouder CEO - iPrice Global
Jeroen Stedehouder

Chief Executive Officer

Jeroen has always had a true passion for pricing. After completing his MSc degrees at Texas A&M University in both Engineering and Mathematics, and utilizing these skills working as a commodities trader and quantitative analyst at a financial institution, he knew he wanted to transition his career to a different direction. Next to his day-to-day job, he spent countless hours every day researching flexible pricing and found there to be significant pricing inefficiencies in a lot of outside industries. As a result, he applied his specialization in algorithmic processes to help create a flexible pricing tool, and incorporated this technology to launch an e-commerce platform.

Wouter Wolken CTO - iPrice Global
Wouter Wolken

Chief Technology Officer

Wouter began his career as an algorithmic trader at a financial institution after obtaining his Quantitative Finance MSc degree at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. While initially interested in finance, he quickly realized that the techniques he used to detect and remove pricing anomalies at the institution are also very applicable in fields outside of finance. He applied these skills to create and develop a complex combination of different pricing algorithms to transform the way sellers sell and buyers buy.

Sameer Quadri Executive VP - iPrice GCC iPrice Global
Sameer Quadri

Founder MeanBuy/iPrice India

Sameer obtained his degree at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad, India. Soon after Sameer moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to become the business development manager at a large trading firm in Riyadh. During this time he has spent several years in Shanghai, China as a specialist sourcing materials for various projects in the KSA. Sameer has shown great Entrepreneurial instinct and has successfully finalized various large projects throughout the GCC. Sameer has great interest in the IoT and high-tech sector and is now responsible for all iprice business development in the Middle-East and India.

Patrick van Vlaenderen Executive VP - iPrice Europe iPrice Global
Patrick van Vlaenderen

Vice President Of Business Development Europe

Operations and Logistics specialist with senior experience in all aspects of world wide logistics. Vast experience with tactical military operations, as well with civil logistics operations in relation to sales and manufacturing support. Patrick is Iprice's key partner for all European business. Patrick has a no-nonsense mindset and with over 20 years of experience in the logistics and supply chain field he is the best to guide and support all B2B supply chain optimization projects.

Richard Gelders VP - Global Business Development iPrice Global
Richard Gelders

VP, Global Business Development

Richard is a successful serial entrepreneur and co-founder of various companies in Europe and Asia. Richard is active in Asia since 2002 and has an international network of entrepreneurs, business partners, investors, and advisors. Richard his 15 years experience in Asia make him a unique and key partner for Iprice. With his experience Iprice is able to successfully develop their business in one of the most dynamic geographical regions in the world.

Hugo Smink VP - Global Business Development iPrice Global
Hugo Smink

VP, Global Business Development

Hugo began his career by starting a business in renewable energy whilst obtaining his MSc degree in corporate communication. During this time he realized that his passion and strength are in developing new businesses. In order to advance in this field Hugo moved to Shanghai, China in 2014 where he started his own company. In the following two years he successfully assisted numerous organizations develop their business in China. Since 2017 Hugo is the VP Global Business Development for iprice Global. Hugo’s biggest strengths are his ability to be a strategic thinker as well as someone who is hands-on and pragmatic. His motto ‘’where other people stop, we move forward’’ makes him a great asset in the business development field of iprice Global.